Education Programs for Credit Card Bills Relief

Bucks County and Montgomery County, PA: Education Programs
The Credit Counseling Center believes that many of the financial problems experienced by consumers today may be avoidable with proper education or training. We have therefore established our credit card relief and other debt relief management educational programs to reach out to the community with programs designed to make consumers aware of the importance of financial literacy.

Mission Statement- To ensure access to professional money management techniques.

Programs Offered

  • Smart Money Workshops
  • Money Management Basics
  • The Wise Use of Credit
  • Ten Basic Rules of Money Management
  • Your Credit Report and how it affects you
  • Opening the Door to a Home of Your Own
  • Financial Fitness
  • First Home Buyer Seminar
  • Student Loan Repayment Options

360 Financial Literacy Program
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How Much Debt Can You Handle?
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We deliver education in a variety of ways:
• Public workshops on basic financial principles
• Community workshops presented onsite at the request of a community agency or organization.
• In-Office workshops presented onsite to employees at the request of a business or organization.
• Targeted Programs for specific groups, such as women, seniors and students.

For additional information regarding our educational programs or design a program that fits your constituents click here or call 215-348-8003.

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