What Do Our Clients Say About CCC?

It was a relief to find someone was going to take over the pain for me.
– Pat (Paid off $16,614)

CCC helped me save my house and got me back on track.
– John (Paid off $28,241)

Thank you for showing me how to take control of my finances. Life seems brighter now, without creditors bearing down on me.
– Catherine. (Paid off $54,532)

Once we got behind, things got really tough, any payments sent to the creditors were being eaten up in interest and the late and over limit fees were killing us. My counselor took the time to show me how to develop my budget and still pay off my debts.
– Bill (paid off $18,417)

After being in your office I felt like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I am starting to see results and am feeling more in control of my finances.
– Robert (Paying off $32,000)

I have referred many people to the Credit Counseling Center, I thoroughly support the wisdom of planning for financial peace of mind.
– John T. Parry, Chairman, President, CEO, First National Bank & Trust Co.

CCC can help people who are overextended straighten things out. CCC provides an important service to our community.
– Owen O. Freeman, Jr. past Chairman of the PA Association of Community Bankers

My client was very impressed with the level of professionalism and the degree of courtesy and respect which CCC extends to its clients.
– James J. Auchinleck, Jr., Attorney at Law

The Bucks County Opportunity Council highly recommends the Credit Counseling Center. Our clients have benefited greatly from your services.
– Roger C. Collins, Executive Director; Bucks County Opportunity Council