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Debt Repayment and Student Loans 
Changing Lives (29 sec)
How Long Does It Take To Pay Off Credit Card Debt By Paying The Minimum Payment? (29 sec)
Is There a Way to Improve Your Credit Score? (44 sec)
Plan Your Shopping Trips (36 sec)
Can We Consolidate Credit Cards? (25 sec)
Don't Carry A Balance On Your Credit Card (54 sec)
Reduce Your Interest Rate (58 sec)
Student Loans (2:40)
Consequences of Defaulting (101 sec)
What is Loan Forgiveness? (34 sec)
Budget and Credit Counseling 
Accountability (59 sec)
Who is more important than you? (14 sec)
Your first priority is you (37 sec)
Paycheck to paycheck (6 sec)
Have a Money Conversation (48 sec)
We can help you achieve financial security (44 sec)
Develop a Plan and Follow that Plan (47 sec)
Student Loan Gifts (43 sec)
Know Your Credit Score (66 sec)
Post Divorce Budget Planning
You Need To Have A Plan In Place (50 sec)
Are You Prepared for Additional Expenses (47 sec)
Do We Need a Budget Before the Divorce or After the Divorce? (45 sec)
Can Divorce Affect Your Credit? (48 sec)
Housing/Foreclosure  Counseling 
How Can I Learn the Terminology of Buying a Home? (50 sec)
How Do You Know If You're Ready? (51 sec)
What Is A First Home Buyer Program? (38 sec)
Is Financial Assistance Available for Closing Costs? (45 sec)
How Can You Improve Your Credit Score? (53 sec)
Will CCC Negotiate with the Mortgage Lender? (12 sec)
Free Services for Foreclosure Counseling (22 sec)
How Can Veterans Prevent Foreclosure? (33 sec)
What is Foreclosure? (3 min 18 sec)
Financial Strategies for Veterans
What Financial Challenges Do Veterans Face? Q1 (46 sec)
How Do You Plan For Deployment? (62 sec)
How Can Veterans Prevent Foreclosure? (33 sec)
Are Finances Different for Veterans? (66 sec)

Create a Systematic Spending Plan

Budget Worksheet