Debt Repayment


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Credit Debt: Credit Card Debt Relief Counseling in Bucks County

Debt Management Services in PA.

Counseling is available in person, by telephone at 877-900-4222 or you can submit your budget and debt information online. As a team, you and your counselor will work together to create a livable spending plan and establish an action plan for becoming debt free and achieving your financial goals.

Benefits of a Debt Management Plan with CCC

  • Save Money with Lower Payments
  • We work with your creditors to lower monthly payments and reduce interest charges. In some cases, we are also able to re-age your account. This action may stop late fees from accruing to your account.
  • One Convenient Monthly Deposit
  • Our program will combine all your creditor obligations into one monthly deposit. Once your deposit has arrived at our office, it is then disbursed to your creditors.
  • Automatic Deposit Service
  • By using our automatic payment service, Deposit Direct, we can deduct your monthly deposit from your checking or savings account. This service will ensure your payments are disbursed on time – every time.
  • We’re Here When You Need Us
  • Counselors are here to help, call us with your questions or start now to become debt free by submitting your application online.
  • “All you have to lose is your debt.”

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